The following is an excerpt from, 谈论, 计划, 生活: 确诊后的生活规划, 曹某红楼梦, 一个特殊的博客由圣执笔. 杰玛的临终关怀, 利兹, 与会者, 乔石, 年度临终每周事项.


Top tips:


1. 把你的时间来决定什么.

这是你的生活和你的死亡. 学会说不. Don’t be pushed into things you don’t want to spend time doing because you feel obliged to or guilty. Equally if you decide to do something believe in yourself and do it wholeheartedly. Don’t let what others say put you off.


2. Find out the facts.

Asking questions means you can start to understand the positive and negative effects of decisions you make and hopefully make those that are right for you.


3. Tell those who need to know

If you make a decision about something that will be important to others because it affects you or them make sure you tell the people who need to know so there are no nasty surprises for anyone.


4. 计划, prioritise and apportion your time.

Do the most important stuff first. This is probably the practical things such as wills etc. closely followed by making sure you tell those you love how much they mean to you and plan to spend time with them. Do things that are fun and enjoyable and don’t do the things that make you sad or upset unless you believe the benefits are worth it.


5. Focus on the positives.

Despite the obvious negatives, there are generally some positives if you look hard. If there don’t appear to be any then create some new ones by meeting new people or taking up a new interest.


乔石, 可能 2015