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Continuing healthcare

NHS – Continuing Healthcare

To determine whether you are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare your current healthcare needs will be assessed. If you are eligible it means that the NHS is responsible to fully fund your care. Your care may be provided in a number of settings such as in your own home or a care home, with nursing. It is however a reviewable process and you will be notified when a review is to be undertaken and the outcome of this review. Please note, assessment for Continuing Healthcare is not normally appropriate if you are receiving treatment or rehabilitation for an acute episode of ill health.

Fast Track status

Fast Track is a term which applies to a person who has “a primary health need arising from a rapidly deteriorating condition which may be entering a terminal phase, with an increasing level of dependency”. Life expectancy is likely to be in days / weeks. It allows you to be discharged quickly from hospital or a hospice and to be cared for in your preferred location, with an appropriate care package to meet your needs. Your healthcare needs will be reviewed and if you improve or no longer meet the Fast Track criteria a Continuing Healthcare assessment will be completed and your eligibility determined. The outcome of this assessment may be that you are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare or it may be that you are not; therefore the Fast Track status is withdrawn.

If you remain eligible a review of your current package of care is performed to make sure it is appropriate to your needs.

If you are not eligible for Continuing Healthcare you may be provided with a joint package of care; responsibility for meeting health needs falls to the NHS. In the community this would include the District Nursing Service and your GP. The Local Authority (council) may provide services to meet your social care needs, however they will undertake a financial assessment and the amount that you pay towards your care will be dependent on your financial circumstances. Your care manager should advise and help you through all this process.

Further information

More information about continuing healthcare in Leeds and how to contact the team will be available shortly.

In the meantime, you can contact the team on 0113 8431675 or by post at:

  • Continuing care (Leeds)
    Ground floor
    2180 Century Way
    Thorpe Park
    Leeds, LS15 8ZB.

Guidance on NHS continuing healthcare from the Department of Health

The Department of Health has a continuing healthcare section with useful information and further guidance.

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