St Gemma's Hospice
为患者提供姑息治疗的信息和教育, 照顾者和专业人士,促进最终的人生选择
A nurse tests a patient


你或者是你所关心的人试图应对与生命的疾病限制? If you need support with distressing physical and emotional problems related to the illness or the effects of treatment, 专家 姑息治疗服务 在这里帮助.


  • physical symptoms such as pain, 疾病, 和呼吸困难
  • emotional problems such as depression and anxiety
  • spiritual care by giving space to express emotional, 信仰, 非信仰和宗教观点
  • social issues such as support for relatives, 关系问题和实际问题

你可以找到你的家庭医生交谈, 区护士或医院团队.

This website also provides lots of information and advice. Families have told us that the website is ‘easy to follow, 简单易用, 全面的“,而且”这是件好事, – if there is something you have forgotten to ask you can look up the information on the website’. We hope you will find it useful too.

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专家小组从 圣杰玛Wheatfields hospices work with your GP and district nurse to provide extra support. Out-patient services are also provided across the city.


A specialist team works with your hospital doctors and nurses to provide advice and help with your illness and its effects. For details please talk to the nurse providing your care.



  • 在病人的护理
  • 日临终关怀
  • 社区支持
  • 门诊服务
  • 家庭 / 护老者支援
  • Bereavement support for adults and children

All services are provided free of charge. If you would like to access these services please talk to your GP, 区护士或医院团队. For more information please see the 姑息治疗服务 本网站的部分.